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Bryony France

Holistic Therapist in North Oxford and South Devon, UK

Waterperry Road
Holton, Oxfordshire
United Kingdom

07802 855286

Complementary Therapies in Oxfordshire. Creative Kinesiology, EFT, Reiki and Angel Readings.

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About - Creative Soul Therapies - Kinesiology, EFT, Reiki & Angel Readings in Oxfordshire

Creative Soul Therapies is a holistic therapist in Holton, Oxfordshire, and Clinic on the Green, Bletchingdon, Oxford, UK, offering complementary treatments including Creative Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Reiki and Angel Readings. Assisting with relaxation, health, wellbeing, anxiety, teens, trauma, phobia, relationships, career, personal coaching, positive thinking.


About Bryony

Hello! I’m Bryony, founder and holistic therapist at White Soul Therapies. I am passionate about reconnecting people with their authentic sense of self, their true essence and, ultimately, their life purpose. Through gentle and natural techniques I enable others to find inner peace and clarity.

I specialise in energy and soul work. Fundamentally I believe that everyone has a purpose unique to their soul in this lifetime and will reach their greatest joy and potential by fulfilling it. The second principle I work by is that everyone is deserving of a peaceful and happy life - and in my experience most people are seeking exactly that. My work is to facilitate the release of self-limiting thoughts, blocks and obstacles, in order to bring the mind, body and soul into balance.

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed working with people, and in particular, in helping people live well and live happily in their relationships, work and health. My undergraduate degree was a Bachelors in Nutrition, and it was through my studies that I realised I have a passion for healthy living in body and mind. The psychology of health began to fascinate me, and I undertook training in coaching and a Diploma in counselling using Transactional Analysis. My understanding of health became holistic, embodying the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I soon began learning everything I could about meditation, mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience, and I began to awaken within. My journey became evermore spiritual in my search for understanding myself, people and the world. Then out of the blue angels knocked on my door and started communicating with me! Around the same time I was making plans to leave my current job and step out into the unknown. I travelled New Zealand and Australia, receiving divine guidance along my path and experiencing the bliss and healing of these incredible countries with their rich indigenous cultures. My journey was full of surprises and the supernatural!

My soul felt so at home that I went back once again to New Zealand to continue my spiritual development and inner work. A number of seemingly unrelated events contributed to an unexpected epiphany, where my last life was revealed to me. This was an astounding and amazing experience, and humbling to say the least. It illuminated for me the illusion of death and clarified the eternal nature of the soul. It also contributed to a feeling of wholeness and harmony that I had long been seeking.

I am a natural healer and old soul, bringing gifts from many lifetimes into this present time. My natural healing abilities have always been apparent as a desire to help those around me, and in my studies I have focused on the development of my intuitive gifts to complement my inborn skills. These include the gifts of clairsentience (clear-feeling), precognition (knowing when something will happen), telepathy and connection to angels and the spirit world.

I have trained as an Angel Intuitive in Australia, a Reiki Practitioner in New Zealand, a Reiki Master in the UK, and an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner in both New Zealand and the UK. I have trained as a Creative Kinesiologist with the School of Creative Kinesiology in Devon, UK. I completed the LifeTracking Foundation, which contains the Touch for Health kinesiology syllabus, and the professional level entitled The Way of the Tracker. I am undertaking shamanistic studies and attuning to the Rites of the Munay-Ki from the indigenous traditions of the medicine people from the Amazon and Andes.

White Soul Therapies has been born to bring all of my passions together, and assist people in their spiritual growth and learning. Healing, for me, is really about finding wholeness and a deep connection to ourselves. Knowledge of our true nature brings an abundance of love, health, happiness, peace and kindness which radiate out to those around us, and our environment. This spiritual ecology is also at the heart of my work, as I believe our own healing is intrinsically connected with the healing of our earth. White Soul Therapies illuminates the light within your soul and embodies the unity of all colours in our precious world.


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