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Bryony France

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Complementary Therapies in Oxfordshire. Creative Kinesiology, EFT, Reiki and Angel Readings.

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Angel Readings - Creative Soul Therapies - Oxfordshire

Angel Readings connect you to intuitive, divine guidance from your guardian angels, archangels, spirit guides and the angelic realm, regarding your work, career, family, relationships, health and life purpose. This helps you feel on track in your life, and encourages you to follow your heart.



Divine Guidance from your Angels


Bryony is trained as an Angel Intuitive to communicate with angels and guides through her senses and psychic perception.

She offers messages for your highest good, enabling you to create a happy, healthy and fulfilled life for yourself. As an intuitive Bryony uses her gift of clairsentience to identify how your emotions, thoughts and energy are affecting your life. Her main interests are physical and nutritional health, spiritual development, and connecting people with their life purpose.



Our guardian angels and spiritual guidance team are always with us, waiting to assist us along our path. Angels appear in the texts of many religions around the world and are known as messengers of God. The experience with angels is very soft and gentle, and they bring messages to you in a loving way. They respect free will however, and so you must ask for help when you need guidance.

Angel Readings are a source of divine guidance regarding your work, home, relationships, health and life purpose. Seeing the bigger picture and understanding the gifts that the challenges in your life bring you, can help to ease your fears and bring you comfort and reassurance. Readings can also show you what is missing in your life, and guide you in creating balance and wholeness.

I will relate information I receive intuitively and psychically, as well as incorporating colour therapy, oracle cards and numerology into the Angel Reading.  These will focus on the issues you are seeking guidance on, and may also include other areas of your life that the angels would like to give you information about.


“Listen with the softness of your heart”



Booking information

Angel readings are conducted by email. Price £25 per reading.

You will receive a short report based on the questions or life areas you are seeking divine guidance on. Please be specific in your questions at the time of booking.


Please note that I am unable to provide services to anyone in the US or Canada.

Please ensure you read my Terms of Service.


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