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Complementary Therapies in Oxfordshire. Creative Kinesiology, EFT, Reiki and Angel Readings.

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Creative Kinesiology - Creative Soul Therapies - Oxfordshire

Creative Kinesiology is a holistic therapy to help you on your life path, through muscle testing, energy techniques and body work. Therapy for uncovering the root causes of emotional and spiritual difficulties, including stress, anxiety, life purpose, motivation, chronic fatigue, relationships, work, high sensitivity and life changes.

Creative Kinesiology


Bryony offers a positive, empathic and compassionate approach to walking with you on your soul path. She has a spiritual perspective to healing human problems and bringing joy back to the psyche. She is passionate about reconnecting people with their self-confidence, life purpose and gifts in this lifetime.


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How It Works

Creative Kinesiology is based upon Five Element Theory from Chinese Medicine, and incorporates healing techniques from around the world to activate your own self healing.

Each session is known as a balance, and will help you move forward step by step to finding greater balance, wholeness and equanimity in your life. Each balance focuses on a goal you have about how you would like to feel or what you would like to attract into your life. We explore the story to find out where any blocks are occurring in the body or energy system, and what needs to be released, witnessed or healed in order for your goal to become true.

You are an active participant in your healing journey and we will work together co-creatively for your personal development. Your soul and body wisdom know exactly what you need at each step of your journey - all we need to do is ask and listen through the magic of kinesiology muscle testing.

Each balance will activate your body's own self-healing mechanisms, using a range of treatments. These include energy work, acupressure, cranial stress release, breathing, mindfulness, affirmations and tapping.



Benefits of Creative Kinesiology

Bryony has experience of working with clients for a range of purposes:

help to improve self confidence

stress management and relief

deep soul healing

releasing trauma from the body

positive thinking

generating increased self esteem

supporting recovery from PTSD

teenage anxiety

improving mood in depression

connecting with true self

questioning identity, gender and sexuality

relaxation and inner peace

restoring self esteem and self worth



About Creative Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the art of muscle testing to isolate specific muscles, which was researched by chiropractors from America in the 1950s. The chiropractor Dr George Goodheart dedicated much of his life's work to discovering kinesiology muscle testing, obtaining biofeedback from the body, and innovating methods of strengthening and healing the body. This gave rise to the field of Applied Kinesiology.

Chinese Medicine and Five Element theory offer a comprehensive understanding of a person including their physical and energetic systems, as well as their emotional and spiritual lives. In the 1980s Haakon Lovell created the 'Files' which are one of the central tools used in Creative Kinesiology to explore the root or meaning of an issue in someone's life. They take us into the greater mysteries of life, into the unknown, into our soul, and connect us to our true selves.

Carrie Jost founded the School of Creative Kinesiology in 1989, bringing together the principles of kinesiology, healing traditions from Asia, and the work of Haakon Lovell.

The School of Creative Kinesiology offers further information at

Bryony is a Creative Kinesiology Assessed Practitioner and member of the Creative Kinesiology Association.

Creative Kinesiology Association


Why Choose Holistic Therapy

Through Creative Kinesiology you can release blocks to your soul's journey, discovering your purpose, meaning and gifts in this lifetime. You will become more aware of your body, emotions and subtle energy. You engage in the process of integrating your past experiences so that you can be fully present in your own life. You can enhance your energy and vitality, and step into a new, authentic way of being.

Bryony works with people experiencing a range of issues, including anxiety, trauma and stress relief. Creative Kinesiology can be used to explore the root of any issue, whether the origin is emotional, energetic or physical.

Other APplications

Creative Kinesiology can be used to work with young people, teenagers, children, animals and even organisations. Either directly or through the process of surrogacy using another person, the same principles and techniques are applied.

See CK for Horses & Animals for details of working with animals.



Pricing & Booking Information

Each Creative Kinesiology session lasts up to 1hr 15mins. Price is £50 per session.

Email Bryony to book or call 07802 855286

Appointments in Bletchingdon can be booked directly at Clinic on the Green or call 01869 351345


Virtual Appointments Available

Appointments available by Skype, where you are unable to attend in person e.g. due to location, physical condition or personal circumstances. Please note that due to the nature of Creative Kinesiology you will need to carry out any specific healing techniques that arise during a session or alternatively find a professional local to you for bodywork or energy work.

Price per Skype session is £45.

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