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Complementary Therapies in Oxfordshire. Creative Kinesiology, EFT, Reiki and Angel Readings.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques - Creative Soul Therapies - Oxfordshire

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an energy psychology therapy, also known as tapping, which assists the body to heal pain naturally, clear old thought patterns that block wellbeing, and reduce emotional intensity associated with phobia and trauma. EFT calms the emotions and brings a peaceful state of mind. Assisting with health, wellbeing, trauma, phobia, relationships, career, personal coaching and positive thinking.


Emotional Freedom Techniques


Bryony has a perceptive and gentle approach to 'tapping', helping you to feel emotionally balanced and connected with your true self. With training in counselling and energy work, Bryony brings sensitive listening skills and an understanding of how the body communicates with us at a deeper level. She offers a mindful and positive framework, enabling you to let go of outdated thoughts and replacing them with healthy beliefs and a successful mindset.


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Benefits of EFT

EFT has the powerful effect of reducing cortisol, the stress hormone, and therefore reduces the effect of stress in the body. EFT calms the emotional intensity associated with difficult situations.

EFT has been used extensively with veterans experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and has been found to be effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD such as flashbacks, nightmares and intrusive memories.

I have used EFT with success in issues relating to depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, phobias, physical pain and PTSD. EFT can clear mental and emotional blocks and fear, transform thought patterns in a positive way, bring awareness to the connections between your mind and body, and enable you to achieve balance and clarity in your life.


“You find freedom inside – nowhere else. In the heart of every being is that one space which is free, which is filled with peace”

Prem Rawat



How it works

EFT is an energy therapy with its roots in the ancient practice of acupressure in Eastern medicine, blended with Western psychology and psychotherapy.

In Chinese medicine there are a series of meridians, or energy channels, that run through the body. These are linked to specific organs, although this is not directly in the way understood in Western medicine. EFT covers a series of acupressure points linked to each one of the organs and energy meridians, for overall balance in the body. Through gentle tapping with the fingers these points are stimulated.

Using specific phrases, while at the same time reducing emotional intensity, this is an excellent way to discover messages in your subconscious and let go of self-limiting beliefs or obstacles in your life. These are honest conversations about your thoughts in real-time, and we work at a pace that is in harmony with you, the client.

Bryony is an Accredited EFT Practitioner and member of AAMET.



PRICING & Booking information

Each EFT session lasts 1 hour, including time at the beginning to discuss the specific issues you are facing and decide on your priorities. Price £40 per session.


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Appointments in Bletchingdon can be booked directly at Clinic on the Green or 01869 351345


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