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Bryony France

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Complementary Therapies in Oxfordshire. Creative Kinesiology, EFT, Reiki and Angel Readings.

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Munay Ki - Creative Soul Therapies - Oxfordshire

The Rites of the Munay Ki are a series of 9 initiations or attunements to the wisdom of the medicine people of the Amazon and Andes. If you feel drawn to helping or protecting the Earth and her creatures, then these rites will be gifted to you for the development of your purpose and to assist with the creation of a new, harmonious world.

Rites of the Munay Ki

Available June 2017


Bryony has received the gifting of these rites and is able to gift them on to others who feel a strong connection to healing and protecting the environment and Mother Earth. Part of her life purpose is to connect to the light of the Earth's soul through assisting others to heal and live their true purpose.


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About the Rites

More information coming soon.



Pricing & Booking Information

The rites are delivered over a series of weeks or months in approximately 7 sessions. Each session will last approximately 45mins.

Price is £40 per session. All profits will be donated to the Pachamama Alliance, a global community dedicated to protecting indigenous lands of the Achuar people in the Amazon and contributing to a sustainable future for our planet. see for more information.

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